In sports, there are fish tales...and then there are legendary athletic stories that stand the test of time. The three-man Fish On crew of the 22' fishing vessel The Chief, which competed in the Gregorio Perez Invitational Fishing Derby, after a day of trying finally got a bite on their last pass. And did they ever.

They hooked, waited, battled and ultimately brought in a 832.5-lb marlin, which fought them for three grueling hours - so much that they weren't able to make the derby's deadline for submission. But they've already become superstars in the Guam sports community for their story of teamwork, perseverance, and how they brought in The Big One.

Robert Vasquez, Matt Diaz and Matt Muna shared their experiences with KUAM Sports of being out on the water and what the feedback has been that's made them celebrities.