Guam’s Attorney General Doug Moylan responded to the fatal maite shooting where the firearm belonged to a probation officer.  

Over the weekend, 21-year-old Jayson Gaan Sowas allegedly shot a man lying down on the ground at the Hi5 Logo Shop in Maite. 

Sowas allegedly admitted to investigators that he stole the murder weapon from an unsecured vehicle which was parked at the probation office in Hagatna. 

The vehicle and gun belong to a Superior Court of Guam probation officer, who according to court documents reported to police that his car was locked. 

The firearm was not court-issued.

Still, the attorney general is investigating whether the officer violated any laws.

"Right now our office is investigating it along with the Guam Police Department," Moylan said. "There are laws in effect that require licensed gun owners to secure their weapons. Rob Lee Webber Act comes to mind, but we’ll see how the investigation turns out first."

Moylan referred to the Michael Robert Webber Firearms Liability Act of 1990, which creates liabilities for firearm offenses involving minors, making it a crime for adults to leave a firearm unsecured or without a locked cabinet or closet, or without a trigger lock in place.