The Nathan Ojeda murder trial wrapped up witness testimony and will prepare for closing arguments next week.

Ojeda is accused of shooting and killing Anthony "AJ" Mendiola on Jan. 4 in the southern village of Hagat 

The defense called Ojeda’s former employer, Henry Simpson. Ojeda worked for Simpson for about three years and on the stand, described him as "a good worker.” 

"He was very analytical, and what he couldn’t figure out, he was really good with YouTube. He would go on YouTube and figure out mechanical problems," Simpson said. "Normally he would work five days a week but then he had a few medical problems, having severe headaches and sometimes he would take off for that so it was not unusual for him to be there that day."  

Simpson testified that on the day of the shooting, Ojeda called him up in the afternoon and told him “They shot my Jeep” to which Simpson advised him to call the authorities. 

As KUAM reported,  in January, Ojeda pleaded insanity to the charges. 

However, Dr. Juan Rapadas, who performed the forensic evaluation said that Ojeda did not lack the mental capacity to control his alleged actions and the judge ruled he was fit to stand trial.

Closing arguments are to take place on Sept. 25.