The Guam Power Authority has provided an update on the efforts to stabilize its system. The Cabras 2 baseload unit returned to service on Thursday but recently tripped due to a possible boiler tube leak. GPA and its partners are evaluating and assessing the unit to improve the reliability of the boiler.

The Macheche combustion turbine unit has returned to service after emergency repairs were completed and ongoing are repairs to the Dededo combustion turbine unit.

With the Cabras baseload units about 48 years old and the Piti units about 24 years old, GPA says that emergency repairs are inevitable and the units have to be taken offline at a moment’s notice to avoid further damage to the machines..the aging Cabras baseload units were slated for retirement at the end of 2024; however, due to typhoon damages incurred during the construction of the new Ukudu power plant, the date has been pushed back.

To meet the demand of customers and to keep the grid stable, GPA said as a last resort they will implement rotating outages lasting up to 1-hour. 

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