"As you can see, we could not squeeze in anybody else. This room is full….this is the biggest one they’ve had especially in the last two years…it is definitely a testament to our economy growing and picking back up so it is a great, great, great day," NMI Dept. of Labor Secretary told KUAM News. 

Droves of job seekers standing in line for their potential next step in their career. The line on Friday morning at Crowne Plaza Resort on Saipan grew longer minutes before the doors opened. Over 40 employers participated, offering a range of opportunities. 

Sergeant Juan Camacho with the Guam Army National Guard said, "It is a great turnout. I was here last year. There’s more than double the people, actually triple. The CNMI is hungry. The CNMI workforce is out there looking from both sides -- employer and employee. And the Guam National Guard is here to support both the employer and employee."

Residents told KUAM News off-camera that they’re seeking the next opportunity to grow their careers and improve their lives.

Staffler added, "It definitely shows that there are people who are looking to work. And it is really awesome as I went around the room, the different businesses have their list of openings and they are also looking forward to the future positions they have from entry-level to managerial positions. You have so many options here today."