"We were so humbled and grateful for the recognition and I think it was a nice acknowledgment, interestingly, from people all the way out in D.C. of her many accomplishments," said, Kodep Ogumoro-Uludong, son of Felicidad Ogumoro. He accepted the Asian American Institute for Congressional Studies Spotlight Award in Washington D.C. on behalf of his mom, Felicidad Ogumoro.

Ogumoro is the first Carolinian female to be elected to the Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives. In 1978, she was one of two women eclectic to the House in the NMI’s 1st legislature. She continued to serve in the 2nd, 17th, 18th and 19th Legislatures.

She explained her vision in a recording of one of her speeches on the House floor, where she said, "I would like to share the vision that guides the work that I do for the community in my precinct and our entire Commonwealth. That vision is for a strong, sustainable Commonwealth where the right to control the resources and the destiny of our islands remains in the hands of our Indigenous people and where an improved quality of life is enjoyed by all."

The award features an Asian American or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander woman for breaking barriers and for outstanding leadership in elected office. She authored two constitutional amendments, which were later ratified by voters, securing funding for public schools, the college, and the establishment of the Women’s Affairs Office. 


He added, "I think it certainly was just a very…for the lack of a better word, humbling to be recognized this way by an organization that is working hard to place and support the election of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians."