A second Upper Tumon restaurant was targeted by burglars in less than a week.  The burglary - caught on camera. 

The suspect, who covered his face, was captured breaking into the 105GU Restaurant along Route 1 just before 3 a.m. Wednesday. Owner June Erne came to the restaurant and reported it to the Guam PoliceDepartment. 

"For the criminals that are planning on doing things like that, just think twice about it," he said. "There’s other ways to make money, if you’re trying to go for money, there’s other ways to make it. Breaking people’s property is not it."

He adds the alarm system didn't go off due to the recent power outages. The burglar took off with $200 in cash, an iPad, and a cell phone. 

Any with information is asked to call Guam Police at 671-475-8615 through 17.