While the frustration brews over the ongoing changes happening at the start of the school year, two Department of Public Health and Social Services leaders at the center of alleged questionable school inspection reports were back in court today. 

Court documents listed Tamuning Elementary School among those campuses. 

Public Health Director Arthur San Agustin and Chief Health Inspector Masatomo Nadeau appeared before presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena today. 

The pair recently denied the allegations in a superseding indictment handed down against them.

It was said in court today that a motion was filed to disqualify the presiding judge from the case.  

So far, four judges on the bench have disqualified themselves from the case. 

Parties will now have to wait to find out if another judge can hear the request and determine whether or not to grant the defense motion. 

The duo were indicted following a government corruption investigation out of the Guam attorney general's office charging them with multiple counts of tampering with public records, obstructing governmental functions, official misconduct, and special allegations of crimes against the community.