As the island community continues to move forward after Typhoon Mawar, residents who are in need to renew their driver’s licenses can do so now that the Guam Department of Revenue & Taxation in Barrigada Heights is open.

However, this week, staff are only attending to those who have already made appointments because the building is not completely open due to some minor water damages and some of their work stations are not fully operational, according to director Dafne Shimizu.

“We didn't want to have people come in and walk in and not be able to service them,” said Shimizu. “Plus, we are contacting those individuals who had appointments last week to try to reschedule them to come in. So we make sure that their needs are addressed as well.

Despite it sustaining much more water damage than the Rev & Tax building, residents can also have vehicle registration at the Department of Public Works compound in Tamuning. However, they just haven't been able to get their systems up there yet.

“We're going to be working on that and assessing that today. We're hopeful that we're going to be able to get our services up at the latest early next week. But hopefully sometime this week, we're again going to be working to make sure that we communicate with the community, all of our other branches are actually open to the public, we're doing our best to service the community.

All of their other branches are open to the public as well.

Shimizu recommends making appointments online to make an or get a renewal or replacement. If you're eligible on my

Aware of the communication problems that many are currently experiencing, if residents have an expired license or was going to expire in the last week, Rev and Tax will be indicating that information and residents can go ahead make that payment and file as long as it's by June 20.

“Our team actually is working to process the online applications that we have for that we've received already on my for driver's license, and also for Guam IDs. We're also working on all of the online vehicle registrations that we have received as well. So we have people that are working on those, so we can get those out as quickly as possible.”