A Dededo family is living in fear after they were shot at multiple times along Route 3 NCS last Thursday, the same day Typhoon Mawar left our region.

The victim tells KUAM he had his wife and six children, the youngest 4-years-old, were inside their car at the time of the shooting.

It’s happened around 9 p.m in the Astumbo area, and involved at least two shooters.

The family was headed home after getting water following the outages caused by the storm.

That’s when the alleged shooter cut him off on the road. The victim had flashed his high beams when the driver suddenly opened fire.

The victim drove away to protect his family before being chased after and his car shot at repeatedly.

One bullet hit the victim’s car.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

The victim said Guam police had responded to the scene, but officers were mostly focused on post-storm response efforts.

The victim was also forced to collect the bullet casings left at the scene and took it to the Dededo Precinct Command. But, he said officers there were unable to help and did not give him a case number.

The lack of response from authorities led to him taking his case to KUAM.

“I’m scared for my family,” the victim said. “The police have instructed us to arm ourselves to protect us. So there is nothing much we can do.”

One shooter was described as being an older male driving a silver 2010 Toyota Camry.

The other is a man believed to middle-aged, driving a maroon 2019 Nissan Sentra.

KUAM also reached out to GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio about the shooting.