Fire Department rescue teams have been actively working two separate cases:

Two young men went swimming by Alupang Island Wednesday afternoon and swept out by large waves near Ricks Reef.

One man was able to reach shore but told GFD he was not able to pull his companion with him.

It was not until yesterday that he was able to return to shore to report the incident.

Units were dispatched at approximately 1000 yesterday and conducted shoreline and reefline searches. At first light today, units continued the search.

In a separate incident around 5:30pm yesterday, GFD Rescue units responded to Agat Marina Channel for 6 distressed male swimmers, ages ranging from 16-19.

The teens were swept out by strong currents. Three were able to make it to the rocks jetty. The fourth was back to shore by Rescue personnel; however, the fifth male was retrieved outside the reefline, pulseless and breathless.

Victim was pulled into shore and CPR was conducted at scene and during transport to the hospital.

The sixth distressed swimmer in the group is still unaccounted for.

HSC-25 also joined the search for the missing teen and units continue their search today.