"It is true. Every day I wake up and I think of them all the time. Every second," said Jermain Quitugua. 

Faloma and Maleina Luhk were last seen at the bus stop near their home in As Teo on Saipan on May 25, 2011. They were waiting for the school bus to arrive and have not been seen since that time. 12 years later, their mom, Jermain Quitugua, who now lives in Washington state, is still searching for answers. 

"I am still not giving up hope. I wish and pray every single day for them to be found. For them to come home," she told KUAM.

Faloma, who was 10 at the time, was last seen wearing a light green shirt with a butterfly design and blue jeans. Maleina, 9, was last seen wearing a white blouse and blue jeans. 2011 FBI flyer shows what they could look like years after their disappearance. 

A memorial at their last known location, down the street from where they lived with their grandparent, still stands today. Jermain worked in Guam and frequently visited Saipan. She was in Guam that day. 

"I honestly did not know until the day after it happened. I was not on my social media and no one was able to contact me directly right away. Until I got on my social media and that is when I found out when I called home and was told of the news and all of that," she recalled. 

Jermain tells us the investigation is still ongoing. At the time of this news report, KUAM was not able to receive comment from the FBI or local police amid Super Typhoon Mawar. Jermain recounts early memories of her kids: "Faloma was very quiet and shy. Then here comes her sister a few months later and grew up to be very tough and always taking care of her sister."

She says they always wanted to be by each other’s side. Their mom has this message for the community: "I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for all the prayers because I do feel it. It gives me strength to live every day. It gives me hope. And 12 years, you know, will this be the last year or do I have to wait another 12 years for answers? So I just want to ask anybody. Any type of information that you have, let us know. Please help us bring the girls home."