GPA has begun the restoration process. Crews will be working around the clock. Some are starting on the main transmission lines. Others are working on individual circuits.

Priority is with critical facilities such as the hospital and water wells, followed by schools, public safety and ports of entry.

GPA says in order to energize the most customers, some areas may have to be isolated and returned to at a later time.

Residents are asked not to flood GPA dispatch with calls. Crews are working as fast as they can.
Power restoration updates will be available on GPA’s facebook page and on the local news media.


GWA is working to restore service. No specific timetable or locations were provided by the Joint Information Center. A Boil Water notice has been issued for customer health and safety. GWA is also urging those with service to please conserve. Customers can go to the GWA Facebook page for the latest updates.


The AB Won Pat Guam International Airport remains closed. GIAA has completed initial damage inspections and terminal facility and airfield recovery efforts are underway. However, humanitarian and cargo flights are being allowed in. The terminal flooding is being prioritized to get the airport’s equipment back online.

The airfield is being assessed and meetingd are planned with airlines and other key stakeholders on their operational plans and the terminal’s status.
Travelers are asked to contact their respective airlines or the GIAA website for any change in flight status.


Eight of the ten emergency shelters remain open for those whose homes were rendered unsafe by the typhoon. Machananao elementary and Inalahan middle school were closed.
Residents in those areas who still need shelter are advised to go to any of the remaining sites:
Astumbo, Maria Ulloa elementary, Upi, Wettengel, BP Carbullido, George Washington, Merizo Martyrs, and Talofofo. The same conditions for using shelters apply. A total of 983 sought shelter during the storm.


GVB and the GHRA are working to keep stranded visitors updated on flights.
Messaging is being pushed out through various stakeholders and industry partners as well as through GVB’s visitor concierge program. The hotline for those who speak Japanese, Korean and Chinese Mandarin is (671)588-3030.
Information about Guam has also been sent to representatives in all major source markets.


The Guam Regional Medical City will resume regular operations on Tuesday, May 30.

Visiting Hours will be back on Saturday at 9:00am.

Outpatient appointments and elective surgeries that were postponed due to Typhoon Mawar will be rescheduled. GRMC staff will be contacting patients as soon as possible.

Employees are asked to report to work as scheduled, and are urged to contact their managers for any changes or updates.