The U.S. National Weather Service on Guam says Mawar is now a Super Typhoon as it leaves the Marianas.
Guam remains under COR 1 and Rota, is under Typhoon Condition I. 
Landon Aydlett with the Guam NWS said in a Thursday morning briefing on Facebook that the Super Typhoon is now located about 75 miles West-North-West of Guam and 85 miles West of Rota. 
NWS' Brandon Aydlett says they recorded significant rainfall exceeding a foot and approaching two feet in central and northern Guam in the past 24 hours. 
"We are waking up to a rather disturbing scene out there across Guam," Landon Aydlett said. "Most of Guam is dealing with a major mess that is going to take weeks to clean up." 
Brandon Aydlett says there will be strong gusts pushing into the 45-55 mph range on Saipan and Tinian with sustained winds of 20-25 mph this morning and heavy rain. "Strong gusts...those are going to be the ones that will hinder any type of responses across the islands," he said.
Landon Aydlett says effective 9 a.m. they are shutting down operations at the Weather Forecast Office in Tiyan, Guam because they are without air conditioning and water and are on generator power. 
He says they are transitioning the service to the Honolulu Weather Forecast Office. Some NWS Guam staff are going to Hawaii to assist in shift changes there as operations are turned over to allow local staff to take care of their family and residences.