Archdiocese of Agana apostolic administrator, Father Romeo Convocar offered a prayer for us all as we wait for Mawar to clear from our region: 

"Dear Catholic family and all people of Guam,
In a matter of hours, our island will be engulfed by the full force of what some experts are calling
one of the strongest, most destructive typhoons in the history of Guam. Many are filled with fear
and anxiety. That is most understandable. Though it has been more than 20 years since the last
powerful storm struck our island, the terrifying sounds, sights and experiences leave an indelible

However, trust in our Lord. Let our hearts and minds instead be overcome, strengthened and
reassured by the intense and never-ending love that our Creator has for each of us.

'Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your
request known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your
hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.' — Philippians 4: 6-7

A great many people have already been praying fervently to our Lord that He will protect all in
the path of this storm, including Saipan, Rota and Tinian. Catholic faithful are petitioning too for
the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Santa Marian Kamalen and the saints.

Have comfort too that across the seas, multitudes of other Catholics in the clergy, different
religious orders, dioceses, communities and families are praying for all of us as well, just as we
do when calamities befall other communities throughout the world.

There is good that can be found amid storms. The kindness and care of people that emerge during such trials is one of them. So too is the bravery, hard work and loyal call to duty that we are seeing in the numerous
emergency responders, health, government and civic personnel of our island. Please keep them
constantly in your prayers.

Stay safe everyone. Most importantly, draw close to God now during stormy days but always, in
good times and bad.

The peace of Jesus Christ be with you."