No flights coming and going, and no swimming in the water. Typhoon Mawar has been switching things up here in paradise. 

The island’s visiting industry halted, as the Guam International Airport Authority announced back-to-back cancellations for flights both arriving and departing, ahead of Typhoon Mawar making landfall.

If left some passengers, like North Carolina resident Tricia Regala, and her son stranded.  “So I left North Carolina on Saturday, May 20, and I came to pick up my son from Saipan yesterday, and that’s when I found out there was a typhoon.” 

This is Regala’s first time on island, and an unexpected stay at that, as she is set to walk down the aisle next week. “I wasn’t expecting to be stuck here for 5 days—and I’m actually getting married next week, so…” 

She's hopeful things clear up in time for her big day.  Other lucky passengers, like James Hicks, were able to catch the final flights heading out. He's traveling to California and thinking of loved ones he will leave behind.  “I got friends and family here, so I'm definitely worried about how they’re going to hold up and how Guam’s going to hold up, but I'm heading back to the States to see some family, so definitely looking forward to seeing that," he shared.

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Hicks is narrowly making it out of the island before conditions worsen.

Outside of the airport and down in the water, the bad weather didn't scare off surfers, kite boarders, fishermen, and opne couple we caught enjoying a refreshing beverage on the beach before they too have to hunker down, as well. 

Resident Harrison Ignacio said, “We just want to make the most of the typhoon, instead of worrying about it—we just wanna enjoy it.”

A day to enjoy that was short-lived, as it's now time to wait out Mawar.