The CNMI Office of the Governor has implemented a price freeze through an executive order after a Declaration of a Significant Emergency and State of Major Disaster.

The price of the following items is frozen:

  1. Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, natural gas, and all other chemical fuels, whether in gaseous, liquid, or solid form;

  1. All foods and foodstuffs, including water, bottled water, beverages, and ice;

  2. All clothing;

  3. Flashlights, lamps, lanterns, candles, light bulbs, and other means of illumination;

  4. Generators, cables, wires, electrical batteries of every sort, and similar equipment for the generation and/or transmission of electrical power;

  1. All appliances used in the storage and/or preparation of food, including, but not limited to stoves, barbecue grills, ovens, refrigerators, and coolers;

  2. Tools typically used for construction, ground clearing, or home repairs, whether electrically powered, chemically powered, or manual, including but not limited to, saws, machetes, hammers, drills, shovels, rakes, and brooms.

  1. All bedding items, including pillows, futons, and blankets. 

The price freeze is in effect until it is revoked or the declarations of emergency or disaster are ended.