The Northern Marianas is bracing for the arrival of Typhoon Mawar. The island has been placed under Typhoon Condition II while Saipan and Tinian are placed in Tropical Storm Condition II. KUAM News spoke with authorities today and visited one shelter as they are activated this afternoon.

CNMI Governor Arnold Palacios said, "Rota is the only that is going to experience the brunt of this storm as we know it." Governor Palacios also requested that US president Joe Biden issue a pre-landfall disaster declaration to allow federal partners to expand their help. The administration is focused on mobilizing resources, including a generator for the health center, to Rota.

Franklin R. Babauta, emergency management special assistant, said, "Most of the movement, surface movement, through the water can be very challenging right now so it depends on the vendor that is going to move this based on the weather situation as of this time."

The administration says


they’re working closely with FEMA and DOD through Joint Region Marianas for help through the process, including after the typhoon passes. As of 4 pm Monday, shelters on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota were activated. Residents need to present an I.D. to enter the shelter and are expected to bring their own bedding, food, and drinks.

Dr. Alfred Ada, Commissioner of Education, said, "We now have our places in order, such as logistics, the planning." The Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority is also providing transportation for those who need it to the shelter. Shelters for people with disabilities are also available on each island.

The utilities corporation is also preparing.

Betty G. Terlaje, CUC Acting Executive Director, said, "After the storm we are ready to hit the grounds with restoration work."

They’ve sent a team to Rota to help assess any damage. They advise residents to fill up their water tanks.

The hospital emergency rooms also remain open. Women pregnant 36 weeks or over and at risk for pre-term labor can seek shelter at the Saipan Hospital during Typhoon Condition 2.

Dr. Esther Muna, CHCC CEO, "We want to make sure that there is water and power and we also take care of people and that includes our workforce as well as the patients."

Meanwhile, the CNMI Attorney General is also bracing for impact.

CNMI attorney general Edward Manibusan said, "We are issuing a press release today, making sure that businesses and people do not raise their prices because the storm is coming."

Peak conditions are expected Wednesday.