The CNMI remains in Typhoon Condition III Sunday night as Tropical Storm Mawar approaches the Marianas. If CNMI Gov. Arnold Palacios declares Typhoon Condition II, the shelters in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota will be activated.
The shelters are:
-Marianas High School (Cafeteria) 
-Koblerville Elementary School (Cafeteria) 
-Kagman High School (Cafeteria) 
-Tinian: Tinian Elementary School (Cafeteria) 
-Rota: Office on Aging 

Transportation to the shelters will also be provided once they are activated. Residents who need transportation when Typhoon Condition II is declared can contact the following office numbers:

  • Saipan: EOC State Warning Point: (670) 237-8000
  • Tinian: Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority (COTA) Tinian: (670) 433-0011 / Public School System (PSS) Tinian: (670) 783-8962 / Tinian Municipality Operation Center: (670) 483-1800
  • Rota: Rota Mayor’s Office: (670) 532-9451/2


The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation says when Typhoon Condition II or 1 is declared women who are pregnant 36 weeks or over and pregnant women at risk for preterm labor may seek shelter at the hospital in Saipan. The hospital says to call 670-234-8950 for more information.