Nearly half a million dollars in local artwork will eventually be on permanent display for arriving visitors to enjoy.

The Guam Airport Authority is working with the arts council to adorn the new arrivals corridor as required by the Percent for the Arts law.

The law requires that when certain government facilities are built, like the airport arrivals corridor, 1 percent of the cost must be set aside to support local arts.

Sandy Flores is the director of the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities.

"It's about $450,000 so thats a nice chunk to distribute among our artists, of course we'll have to make sure we cover things such as maintenance. but really all of that is going to go to the artists, and thats really good news. 201

Caha is working with the airport on a memorandum of understanding.

We spoke with giaa deputy executive manager ricky hernandez who says they're very supportive.

Flores notes that the arrivals corridor is also a very ideal location for the artwork...

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231 Its really an opportunity to showcase what we have, to showcase our island, and of course i can tell you that we have the guam visitors bureau that does a beautiful job of promoting our island, but the identity of our island is really the unique, the identity is really defined by the arts, and so its really on caha to make the effort make the investment to support all those arts that make us unique. 259

Details for how and when artists can sign up are still being worked out.