A rescue mission is suspended for a 31-year-old man who went missing while free diving off Orote Point Thursday.

The man went spear fishing with others that afternoon at an area known as blue hole, but he never returned to their group’s boat.

The Guam Fire Department, Guam Police Department, the Coast Guard, the Navy and others were involved in searching land and sea over the past three days for any signs of the diver.

Authorities have not released his name.

“Pending further evidence or discovery, GFD units will be suspending the active search for the missing diver,” said GFD spokesperson Nick Garrido in an updated released at 6:32 p.m. Sunday. “Local and Federal partners have conducted an extensive search beginning Thursday evening when the report was made to 911.”

As we reported, the fisherman’s spear gun was located midday Friday.

His family and friends also watched the search efforts from the command post set up at Family Beach near the Port Authority of Guam.

“The Guam Fire Department extends its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the diver,” he said.