With Governor Lou Leon Guerrero set to deliver her 2023 State of the Island Address tonight at the Guam Congress Building at 6:30pm, island residents took time to sound-off today on what they feel is the current condition of the community.

One Dededo resident shared, "I think it’s pretty stable so far. That’s what I think about Guam’s current situation." Gigi, from Las Vegas, added, "I'm just visiting here so I don’t know much. It's been a while since I’ve been here, but I think it has improved a lot since i was here a couple of years ago."

Some say Guam is doing good while others say people are struggling, as Dededo's Adricko Mathias noted, "All I can say is tax. That’s what we’re all waiting for because there’s still some of us going back to work, getting a job, getting back on our feet. Some families don't have a home. I’ve been hearing about the homeless people."

Perry, another neighbor from northern Guam's most-populous village, said, "Food is becoming harder. It’s hard. We’re not getting enough money for food. So what is the governor going to propose about that?"

Homelessness, panhandling and the high cost of living are just some of the issues these Dededo hope the governor will address tonight.  Mathias continued, "Honestly, I think they should be opening up a lot of shelters for our homeless people because they really got nowhere to go. That’s why they’re on the streets, on the side of the road begging for money."

And Perry added, "Basically, I just want to see what she has planned for the future in regards to finances for everyone. How to help the community, because people are struggling."

Former Maina resident Ronald Flores, who is now experiencing homelessness, shared those sentiments, as well.  Asked what he hopes the governor will talk about about, "The homeless and the current drug abuse," was his response.

Meanwhile Dededo resident Max Veimau is hoping she addresses concerns with the military buildup, saying, "Talks about the military buildup and stuff. It’s going to make an impact in Guam." He added, "The crime will rise...it's too expensive. If you really look at it, there’s going to be a lot of homeless in Guam."

While many we spoke with are looking forward to hearing more from tonight, downtown senators, department officials and other dignitaries now wait to hear what she has to say as well. 

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