Imagine a device that can help treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and smoking addiction, to name a few. The Todu Guam Foundation, in line with their Mindcare project, which launches in the coming months, recently obtained Guam's first transcranial magnetic stimulation device.

Noting the mental and behavioral health challenges on Guam, the non-profit organization Todu Guam Foundation sought out-of-the-box strategies and action. Lena Calvo Rodriguez, president of the Todu Guam Foundation, told KUAM News, "Through our mental health program, we have seen the need for innovative therapy. We've really done our research to bring the best to our island."

"Being able to have this machine in our center is really something we're excited about," she added.

The brainsway deep TMS device was made possible through a USDA grant and is widely used in several stateside hospitals, outpatient centers to treat depression with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and even smoking addiction. "Through the Governor's Stabilization Program, we were afforded the grant that helped us execute our CARES program into the public school system. With that we were able to really see the need in this area," she said.

TMS is accepted by the U.S. Veterans Affairs, Medicare, and national health maintenance organizations and is a treatment technique that uses a magnetic field to influence brain activity. It's non-invasive and can help when other treatments are not effective.

"It really is just another tool in our toolbox of our providers to help address the mental health issues," Rodriguez said.

Along with putting the necessary protocols in place, throughout the week the manufacturer,  mental specialists and advisor have been training the TGF staff so they can be certified TMS technicians.

For more information, you can follow Todu Guam Foundation on Instagram at You can also give them a call at (671) 649-TODU.