Have you been headed down Marine Corps Drive lately?  If you have taken one of Guam’s busiest roads this week, drivers may have noticed the rather curious markings spelling out "Avoid" in white letters near manhole coverings.  But before you swerve out of your lane to follow the signal at the last minute, know that they aren’t directed for you to follow. 

In fact, the markings are part of the prep work for the upcoming Ukudu Power Plant project, which involves the transport of government property along a 12-mile path from the Port Authority of Guam to the site in Ukudu up north in Dededo. 

Tyler Matanane, spokesperson for Power On the Move, further drives home this point about the markings, telling KUAM News, "This isn’t something for the public to worry about— it’s specifically for our self-propelled modular trailer or SPMT operators; it's safe for the public to go over. It’s just for instructional purposes." 

"For when they start operating the SPMTS."

At this time, there's still no word when the transport for the project will get going. This means that the markings will remain along Marine Corps Drive for some time. However, Matanane assures the public notices will be sent out so drivers can avoid run-ins with slow moving transport. 

"The public is free to traverse the road as they please - however, when the SPMTs are on traveling, we want to encourage everyone to follow our Power On the Move website. We’ll have live tracking going on, so you’ll know where the SPMTs will be at, we’ll have a schedule - as well as alternate routes, and should anything occur, we’ll be sure to give notification to the public."

She adds they are being cautious to avoid damaging the roads and bridges along the 12-mile stretch, with plans to lay steel plates for the self-propelled trailers to travel over. 

So, if you are headed down this way and spot the words “Avoid” - you’re good- no need to steer clear.