Another voice has been added to the chorus of local officials calling for a "Guam-only" visa waiver for Philippine tourists.

Sen. Wil Parkinson has introduced a resolution to petition U.S. Homeland Security.

He met with top defense officials on Guam, and he said even they had no concerns.

"We were just doing the threat assessment around the Pacific and they were just, I don't know how to say it but they just flat out said we don't have any real problems with the Philippines," Parkinson said. 

He has also heard from the Guam Visitors Bureau, which is also pushing the proposal

"So for me that was the sign that this is the time to really explore it, cause not only did we hear it from the defense people, we heard it from the economic people at GVB, so for me, it was kinda a no-brainer that this is the time to really re-explore it and relitigate that idea."

But historically, the main concern with tourist visa applicants from the Philippines has been visa overstays.

"I think that Guam being an island, we don't have the same concerns of overstays that they would have on the mainland where someone could fly into one state and then drive to a completely other state and we will have no clue where they're going," Parkinson said. "If someone shows up to Guam unless they leave from one of the major ports of entry or exit we know exactly where they are, they're on the island."

Parkinson points out that the Philippine middle class has grown substantially in recent years, and tourist arrivals could potentially soar with a Guam-only visa waiver.

"Even with the smaller scale they're still the fifth largest source of tourists for Guam, and so rather than resisting that I think we should turn it into the skids a little bit and embrace the Philippines as a significant source of tourists for the island," he said. 

His resolution asks the governor to formally petition the U.S. Department of Homeland security to authorize the waiver.