It's a new cafe on the block offering the perfect blend of Korean music, art and food. KUAM News sat down with the woman behind the concept, who shares what locals can expect.

A creative space where you can get a taste of Korean music, art and food.  JG Cafe and Studio owner Jenny G is excited to bring rich Korean flavors to Guam.  "We have a specialty K-flower tea set where we use small tea pots and dried flowers to make tea. Each flower has a different health benefit and we are the only ones on Guam to have this," she shared happily.

"Another drink I think is unique to us is our kiwi smoothie."

The cozy cafe opening it’s doors S


unday afternoon to a crowd ready to see all it offers. 

Guam's governor was also there along with some senators to congratulate her for the successful grand opening, as Lou Leon Guerrero said, "I think this is a very creative way to combine a cafe and jg arts and entertainment because it will draw more people together. I know Jenny’s has been in arts and entertainment for over 20 years in Korean, very well known."

Jenny G is also the CEO of JG Art and Entertainment, the company venturing to bring K-Pop concerts to Guam.  "After I learned that there were a lot of K-Pop fans on Guam, I wanted to bring K-Pop concerts on Guam while working with local artists. I thought Guam needed that space, so I created JG Arts and Entertainment and JG Cafe and Studio," she said.

Her unique background in music and art on full display at the cafe, along with her handmade ceramics. "No other cafe has that on island. One thing I am excited about is that I have plans to sell reserved pieces in the future. Because they are all handmade pieces, they are all unique and one of a kind," said Jenny.

That along with traditional flavors that JG Cafe manager Hikaru Mupas shares is already kicking-off with the locals, saying, "The grand opening was successful. One of the best drinks we have is the kiwi smoothie. That’s one of the drinks people have been really enjoying. And we’re the only cafe in Guam that serves sikhye, which is a traditional Korean rice drink and we hope to bring more flavors from Korea to serve at our cafe."

You can get a taste of those flavors Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm. The cafe is located in the old Bank of Guam building in Tumon.