There were moments with his head down inside the courtroom. Today, defendant Patrick Yanga was sentenced to serve 10 years in the Department of Corrections prison.

Yanga is convicted of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Two and half years ago, the child, only 12 at the time, told police that she woke up to find Yanga molesting her. The abuse happened twice.

Ahead of learning his fate, Assistant Attorney General Basil O’Mallan read a statement from the child’s mother.

"Honestly, I think that my life as well as the victim’s life will be scarred forever," he read. "I don’t know what else to say but we will seek out for the best help counseling can find to get through it because as far as him being sentenced, I don’t think three to 15 years is even enough because the victim will have to live with what happened for the rest of her life."

Defense attorney Peter Santos made the argument for the court to show Yanga leniency.

"Not wanting to diminish what happened, just to reiterate in the grand scheme of things there have been far, far more egregious things this court has seen with respect to criminal sexual conduct," he said. "There were two incidents that occurred within a short span…and it was addressed."

Yanga will register as a level-one sex offender and will serve three years of parole once he gets out.

Judge Vernon Perez spoke to Yanga during the hearing.

"You will be mindful of what the law expects from you," he said. "If something similar happens, it will be a great challenge for you. The court appreciates you didn’t have any challenge, that is why I have you credit in your sentence and it is my hope that you will come out a man that to break the law in this fashion is completely inappropriate. Any questions?

Yanga responded, "No, Your Honor." 

Yanga was allowed to walk free to handle his personal affairs. He will self-surrender to the prison on Feb. 1.