Dozens of shoppers are going in and out of their favorite stores. Signs were all around reading Black Friday sale - up to 50-70% off.

The crowds were walking around the mall with purchases scored.

This is the scene at the Micronesia Mall.

Shoppers here taking advantage of the yearly sale to grab items they’ve been wanting or needing.

Nerdwallet's personal finance expert Sarah Rathner on this year's consumer trends...

And what to look out for when shopping online or in-store.

"So this is a great time of year to buy small electronics like headphones, televisions of course are a big deal this time of year, and even things like clothing, so a lot of items that make great gifts," she said. "We most likely will see more in store spending this year, with that being said a lot of consumers have adjusted to shopping online in their pajamas from their couch. So you might see a mix of both."

Here on Guam, Black Friday is also when families can spend more time with together, just like Tamuning resident Hattie Yonuss. She and her husband came out for Black Friday shopping to save some money.

"All the things that we want that are on sale, we were able to get today. Lines weren’t so bad and we get to spend time with each other, me and my husband," they said. "We got kitchen items that we really wanted to use and try out and this is the best opportunity to come on Black Friday because it is less expensive." 

If you missed out on snagging the deals in-store.

Get ready for the savings this Cyber Monday.