The Aydlett Brothers – twins Brandon and Landon – began their Towers for Tots project today in earnest at the Micronesia Mall.  The construction happening in front of the Men's Macy's Store. 

It includes three high-rise Lincoln Log towers that will be built over the next several days. 

"We're going to be building several skyscrapers here at the Micronesia Mall," Landon explained. "So we're not going to be as tall as what we had back in June with the Tower for Humanity event at the Agana Shopping Center, but we're gong to have several unique world famous skyscrapers that hopefully, people will recognize. One of them is going to be from Singapore, another one's from New York City and then, we'll also reprise our June tower, but it's going to be a smaller scale tower."     

The Guiness World Record-champs partnered with the Toys for Tots drive to collect gifts for children in need.