Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero wants to know if her proposal to compensate original landowners who can’t get their ancestral property back will have a public hearing.

The Land Bank Reform Act of 2022 is not included on the December session agenda.

This means it may be left up to the new 37th Guam Legislature to tackle. In a letter to Speaker Therese Terlaje, the governor stated, “as chairperson of the committee on land you along have the sole discretion to hear bills in your committee, and your refusal to hear from the people of Guam on the Land Bank Reform Acts is a dereliction of your duty."

Leon Guerrero quoted Terlaje during the Oct. 18 oversight hearing on the proposed medical healthcare campus where she said she would work with the governor to find remedies for the land bank.

The maga'haga added, “I hope you keep your word.” 

The governor's bill would clarify the eligibility criteria for ancestral owners to receive compensation.