The final count -- 15,112 votes for Douglas Moylan -- 15,073 for Leevin Camacho.

It was a narrow race since the unofficial results were announced on election day.

The Guam Election Commission added the absentee and provision ballots to the race resulting in the 39 vote difference.

And after a recount that went past midnight into thanksgiving morning, attorney Moylan is taking back the seat he first held a decade and a half ago.

Moylan issued a statement titled – toughest AG on crime, stating, “The public has given to me an opportunity to continue that unfinished business, but most importantly to address the real and present crime and drug wave destroying our Island. I do not and will not take your trust and faith in me lightly. My teams are already formed to ensure that all my promises are fulfilled and that your legal needs are addressed by the AG’s Office.”

Moylan asked the incumbent's supporter to give him a chance saying he looks forward to working with the governor, the public auditor, and the chief of police along with others.

“The priority for the AG’s Office will be prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent of Guam’s laws. With your help as jurors, and our Judges, we will together keep us safe,” he said.

Moylan also promised an "open door policy" for the public and the media.

AG Leevin Camacho posted on social media on Thanksgiving Day saying he conceded to Moylan, congratulated him and told him he will help him with his transition into office.

“I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to serve Guam as attorney general for the last four years," he said. "It’s not a job I would have ever imagined holding, but I can say it’s been the greatest honor in my life so far. The election results did not go the way I had hoped, but I respect the will of our voters. This election in particular should serve as a powerful reminder that: Every. Vote. Counts.”  

Camacho added the work isn’t over, as rolls up his sleeves to finish the year, and his term.