The Independent gubernatorial ticket voted alongside the former Democrat candidates in a show of unity on this Thanksgiving day, which is also the last day of early voting before Friday's runoff.

Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios, running for the CNMI's governor, said, "People on Saipan are really coming out early and we are probably going to surpass the early voting from the general election. But I am glad people are coming out to vote and I am glad that they are energized."

Independents Palacios-Apatang voting early on Thanksgiving alongside Democrats -- a sign for their solidified coalition ahead of Friday's runoff.

Rep. Tina Sablan, a former Candidate for Gov. (D), said, "I would call it more of a show of unity. So our message to everyone who is registered to vote and has not voted yet is to make sure to make their voices heard and we're asking all of our supporters to stay the course, stay together, and vote for Arnold and Dave in the runoff."

Both Republicans and Independents saying the high turnout in early voting, at least 700 a day, is an indication of their supporters showing up. 

Mayor David Apatang shared, "I am feeling great today. Today is thanksgiving. I just want to wish everybody happy thanksgiving and Apatang's Giving also. Enjoy your day and I know it is turkey day but when you finish please come out and vote if you have not voted."