The campus shuffle to come for four public schools could bring substantial changes for parents and students, so here's what those at the affected schools need to know.  The Guam Education Board is scheduled to meet this evening to discuss the move of students and staff of F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School in Yigo and Oceanview Middle School in Hagat.

The plan is to send them to Okkodo High and Southern High, respectively.  The move is due to the deteriorating conditions the two middle schools.  Both are confirmed to be unsafe. 

Now, the move is not final, as board members and the acting superintendent Francis Santos still working out the details. 

While they iron out those details, we do know FBLG students are expected to move to Okkodo on January 6 - following Holiday Break. 

There's no word at this time if that will be the case for Oceanview's move to Southern High.

Education leaders are still coming up with a plan to segregate the middle schoolers from the high schoolers, so no trouble takes place while they’re sharing a campus.

As for busing the students to their new campus, that too is being discussed.