Five people were gunned down and at least two dozen more hurt after a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs. Thought the tragedy unfolding thousands of miles away, Guam’s LGBTQ community speaking out and showing solidarity to those involved.

Witnesses describe a scene of sheer terror inside Club-Q late Saturday night.

22-year-old Andersen Aldrich allegedly opening fire at a gay nightclub, killing five people and sneding at least 25 others to area hospitals. On Guam, Trinity Hufana told KUAM News, "Its very disheartening to know that senseless acts of violence like this exists within the world. We have been very fortunate here on our island to not experience that especially considering how long our show has been running. Granted we don’t an exact LGBT club, we do have LGBT club spaces and Icon is one of those. We are very fortunate to have that space where we can be who we are without having to worry about the repercussions of people’s hatred."

Hufana is with the House Of Diosas. The group known for their weekly drag performances at Club Icon in Tumon. The unimaginable horror had her and scores more taking to social media sending prayers following this senseless act of violence.

"I really think that people need to learn kindness regardless whether or not you accept the lifestyle of those around you. Kindness is something that should be instilled in everyone that way people can get along…you don’t necessarily have to agree with the views of others. But acts of violence like that are completely uncalled for," she said.

Club Q posting online the tragedy could have been worse without the help of heroic customers who stopped the gunman. The FBI investigating the potential hate crime.

The shooting comes more than six years after the violence at the LGBTQ Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which left 49 people dead.

"The House of Diosa, we stand in solidarity for all of those affected. We hope the world knows to practice kindness and heal from this tragedy and hopefully move forward. We would really like to see stuff like this come to an end at some point. It’s 2022, there are many communities out there. We all need to be able to tolerate and get along with each other without having to resort to such hatred and crimes," said Hufana.