Over in the CNMI, the next governor and Lt. governor will be known on Nov. 25 -- runoff election day. The Republican team met with KUAM News after they voted early.

The Republican party standing proud and loud behind their gubernatorial ticket as candidates Governor Ralph Torres and Senator Vinnie Sablan voted early Sunday with their families alongside them ahead of runoff election day on November 25th. 

Gov. Ralph Torres said, "Every time I ran I was given the blessing. And throughout the years, the community believed in the leadership and believe in what I have done for the community. So this is my last gubernatorial and I hope that in my last term I am also given that blessing to serve them one more term."

His running mate Senator Vinnie Sablan sharing that its excitement that drew them out to the polls early.  "Just spreading the word, really showing what we are capable of. Showing what we have been doing in the past with our leadership positions and making the people look forward to what we have in store for them if they give us the blessing to serve them another 4 years," he said.

That blessing backed by numbers for either team. A record over 19,000 registered voters this year with nearly 15,000 showing up on Nov. 08. Both teams watching closely the over 4,000 who can vote in the runoff even if they missed the general election. The votes this Friday will be hand counted because ballots had to be printed on island to meet the tight runoff time line. Independents Palacios-Apatang are expected to vote this week.