A temporary food service establishment sanitary permit is still needed to serve food and beverages at any special event. 


reminding event coordinators and food vendors to apply for this sanitary permit ahead of time to receive it prior to each event.

Environmental public health officer supervisor Remiliza Oriondo said, "They are still required to present a sanitary permit, a separate sanitary permit from their restaurant or their food truck or even their manufacturer. So they need to have a temporary food service establishment sanitary permit, specific to the location and the date of the event."

"During these events, they’re not going to have their enclosed facilities, they’re not going to have electricity or hot water provided to them. We need to make sure that they still meet the minimum requirement to ensure that they’re still practicing food safety while they’re serving the food."

Should vendors fail to present the tfse sanitary permit to DEH officials for the specific event, they will be ordered to cease operations. They could also face administrative penalties for operating without the valid sanitary permit. 

For more info on this matter, contact DEH at (671) 646-1276 or (671) 300-9570/75, or via email at [email protected].