Early voters are crowding the polling site on Saipan on day one of being able to cast their ballot for the gubernatorial runoff election. 

"Everybody should vote because our island matters," voter Ashley Pangelinan said.

Jesus G. Iglesias, another voter said, "To choose a good leader....who can provide for the people."

Tiara Deleon Guerrero said, "This is the right that you have so you should exercise it and pick the best candidate that you think is most aligned with you and where you see the CNMI going and also be respectful to each other whether it is your party or not."

And political camps are set up right across the street from the multi-purpose center early voting site, rallying their supporters in this final push. 


"We have been doing all the house-to-house [visits] immediately right after the general election and I am so proud of the team of the GOP that has been going out there since day one," James Ada, Torres-Sablan chair said. 

"We decided to push twice our effort in achieving our goals and objective which is the numbers," said Oscar Babauta, chair of Independent team  Palacios-Apatang. "That is what we want to do, surpass the Nov. 8 tabulation figures."

Republicans Torres-Sablan garnered 38.83% of votes on general election day while Independents Palacios-Apatang received 33.15% and Democrats, who they formed a coalition with recently, got 28.01%. The race narrows as the sitting governor and lieutenant governor battle for the executive seat.