A bill to provide stalking victims with the same type of protection as domestic violence and sexual abuse cases was discussed at a public hearing today.

The measure, sponsored by Mary Torres, would allow for a court protective order for victims of such harassment. Guam legal services director, Attorney Dan Somerfleck testified on the bill. 

"It eliminates that question, if you're sending a hundred text messages, even a hundred in a week, your purpose is to intimidate -- your purpose is to manipulate, and your purpose is to frighten and threaten," he said. 

Somerfleck says this closes a loophole in the law, which often focuses on the violence associated with a stalker or abuser.

"This doesn't talk about violence, this talks about intimidation, this talks about threatening, and this talks about causing fear," he said. "And to me, this is just another step in providing protection. This is a clear means for someone to say, I don't want to hear from you, I don't want to have contact with you, I don't want to have anything to do with you and I'm getting a court order to tell you to stop it."

The bill was one of several measures heard today that are meant to address protecting victims of abuse and harassment.