Voter turnout in the general election will be a critical factor in the gubernatorial race. That was the consensus of the two seasoned political analysts who appeared on today's The Hub segment. Former governor Eddie Calvo, and senior Lou and Josh campaign advisor Ginger Cruz said energizing voters will be the key for both camps heading into the general election.

And they identified two groups in particular that had a lower than expected presence...

Calvo said, "The north, particularly the Dededo area, if there's a very low turnout, then certain demographic groups, ethnicities, we have a strong Filipino population here but if most of the south voted, a bigger chunk, and less of the north that means then obviously maybe less Filipinos voted in the election. Filipino-Guamanians, and that demographic. so you got to look at those numbers."


Cruz added, "We've got to get the Filipinos out - that's very important. When you look at Dededo, that really is the stronghold. Young people need to come out. I think they're not seeing in the candidates somebody they can relate to. I think age is one of those issues that's why you're seeing the older voters come out. The younger voters have to become engaged."

The primary election saw a near-record number of registered voters, but only 40% actually showed up to the polls. Governor Calvo adds that he was not surprised by the especially low turnout by his fellow Republicans.

He expects a lot more will cast ballots in the November 8 general election, and they're counting on crossovers by the Mike San Nicolas/Sabrina Salas Matanane supporters, as well as independents.