A video circulating online of a riot in Tamuning has raised concerns from both residents and the village mayor. A viral video of a riot in the village in Central Guam has both residents and the mayor up in arms.

In the video, a group of people can be seen using slingshots and sticks against each other in a fit of rage and anger. The fighting intensifies to the point where the sticks are used to hit others.  KUAM News sat down with Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon mayor Louise Rivera, who said she was aware of the riot and shared what she knows about the incident.

"It’s a very sad situation that has happened," the mayor said. "Of course, it’s because of people not agreeing or seeing eye to eye. I don’t know exactly what happened or what was on their mind of if they were on anything, any type of drug or if they were intoxicated. I don’t know what the issue is exactly there, but on that certain area, where that happened, I see and hear a lot of complaints about individuals hanging out there drinking."

According to Mayor Rivera, since the video started gaining attention, her residents have been avoiding that area altogether and shared their concerns about the people they see hanging about.

"I know a lot of people have expressed that they don’t want to go that way. They try to take another route home because they don’t want to go by those individuals, because we never know what they’re thinking, what’s on their mind or what they’re on," she added.

"We continue to go by there and monitor it. We have a lot of great people in the neighborhood there that keep us informed. Also, what’s happening there and they do their part, too, in clearing, making sure people are cleared away if they’re doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing," Rivera noted.

The mayor is asking the community for assistance in locating the people involved in the riot. She added that the Guam Police Department is also investigating and trying to locate those involved. Should you have any info about the riot you can contact the Tamuning Mayor’s Office at (671) 646-8646, the Tumon Precinct at (671) 649-6330 or go to the Guam Crimestoppers website at guam.crimestoppersweb.com.