PARTY: Democrat

RACE: Senatorial

For over 25 years, I worked hard to fight for what is right, call out what is wrong, and give all the different voices on our island a seat at the table as Host of the Malafunkshun Show; as a Senior Investigative Correspondent, with KUAM News; and as Host of The Link: KUAM's Pandemic News Show.

Email: [email protected]
FB: Chris Malafunkshun Barnett
IG: malafunkshun
TikTok: malafunkshun
Twitter: @malafunkshun
Soundcloud: chrismalafunkshun


My plan is to:

*Fight for a safer Guam. We need to take strong action to protect our families before it’s too late. Drugs and crime are threatening our way of life. I will fight for what is right and do something about it.

*Investing in our youth ALWAYS pays off. I will fight to fully fund education and prioritize putting our children first every day and not just during campaign season. If we want them to SUCCEED, we have to SUPPORT them.

*Stand up for the Grass Roots Working People of Guam. If you call Guam home, you should be able to afford living here. I will fight for a better quality of life to keep our people here at home where we need all hands on deck to set sail for a brighter future.

*Be the Corruption Buster and The PEOPLE’S WATCHDOG.