The US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, is back on Guam to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Korean Airlines crash in Guam, in which her mother died as a passenger on the flight. But in a wide-ranging interview, KUAM News also asked about her reaction to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic, but also controversial visit to Taiwan.

The ambassador began her foreign service career as a State Department staffer in China, saying, "I think the administration has been, has already spoken out on this issue. I don't think there's anything I can or should add. And I think we're right in the middle of the situation; let's see what happens."

When asked with her experience in China, if it would be correct to assume that they would be very, very angry if such a high-ranking American going to a country that they see as a renegade province, Kim responded with, "They have a hardline view when it comes to Taiwan. And the United States also has a longstanding position on Taiwan. That's encapsulated in our one China policy and I’ll just leave it there."