There are now 42 total candidates who filed for the CNMI general election on November 08. The Republican and Democrats on Saipan are expected to both file on Friday as full parties at the Commonwealth Election Commission office in Susupe village. 

The six additional filers since we last reported are:

Valentino Taisacan Jr. filed for Mayor under the Republican party. Independent Joseph Flores is seeking office in the House. Julie Ogo filed her papers for the House as an Independent. Andrew Orsini is throwing in his hat for the Board of Education again. Jim Atalig from Rota is running for municipal council listed as "non partisan" and Crispin Ogo filed for a seat in the Senate as an Independent. 

Some important dates ahead of the general election day if you're in the Northern Marianas: August 10 is the last day of submission of nominating petitions and candidacy documents. You can start requesting for absentee ballots on August 25 and September 9 is the last day for voter's registration for the election.