In regional news, Marianas Southern Airways, has an official flight plan for its inaugural take off. They're officially booking flights from August 12 for Saipan to Tinian, August 15 for Saipan to Rota, and August 20 for Saipan to Guam.

The initial launch dates were delayed due to some international shipping complications. The new airline plans to launch over 90 weekly flights within the NMI, including flights to and from Guam. They will compete with Star Marianas, which provides the only inter-island commercial air travel to and from Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

In a previous interview, CNMI Governor Ralph Torres told KUAM, "this is the type of business that we need here in the CNMI to provide better airlines, better services, more competitive services, hopefully cheaper price" He added, "I hope that this will allow other airlines to see CNMI as a potential investment and a profitable investment to bring in and the more airlines we have here the more better it is for our economy , opportunity for for our people, and more reliable transportation."