Twenty-five-year-old Kristofer Paulino Baza was arrested and is facing charges of Family Violence and Theft.

According to court documents, on July 28, Baza allegedly yelled at the 85-year-old victim and pushed him because he wouldn't give him money. As he walked away, Baza also allegedly threatened to kill the victim. The victim told police he refused Baza's request because he had already bought gas for him that morning. 

The following day, Baza allegedly borrowed the victim's vehicle for a few hours. After Baza returned the vehicle, the victim discovered his brand new lawnmower was missing from inside it. The victim also reported that his debit card was missing and $200 was withdrawn from his account the night before. The victim reported the incidents to police on July 31 during a welfare check. 

When police interviewed Baza, he asked, "Sir, is this about the car? I was bringing it back" and offered that the victim, "gave me the debit card and I pulled out money. I was bringing the card back too."