San Vicente Catholic School in Barrigada may be shut down permanently due to a severe drop in student enrollment. The Archdiocese of Agana says the numbers have plummeted to just 39 students as of this week, and three separate advisory councils have determined that the school will simply not be able to sustain operations.

A final decision on closure will be made by Archbishop Michael Byrnes by mid-week. 

But Barrigada mayor June Blas, a graduate of San Vicente, says a group of alumni and other villagers are working frantically on a plan to save the school. "It's very heartbreaking and disheartening to hear about it," she said. "And everybody's used to be family there, from the time that I attended practically my whole family and everyone who lives around that area that lived there has gone to school there."

"I was even brainstorming last night with my family and see how we'll be able to get the students again re-enrolled or even just to bring the numbers up, I guess that's what it is," the mayor added.

It's also a race against time to save the school as classes start next week. Mayor Blas says they've considered such things such as volunteer maintenance to help save costs, but it really comes down to student recruitment, and fast. She noted, "I'm not too sure how we're looking at it tuition wise, are we trying to work something maybe with the numbers, what can we afford, are we able to continue to get these kids educated and teachers, keeping our teachers as well, and salaries. I'm not sure."

She says the alumni group, which includes Father Mike Crisostomo, will meet again tonight to work on a proposal to avoid permanent closure of the school, which has graduated thousands of students since it was established in 1955.