Guam will be represented at the Asia Rugby Women’s Sevens Tournament held in Jakarta Indonesia. The women’s national team will leave island Thursday morning with hopes of moving up in competition. 

Olivia Elliott, Team Guam Captain, told KUAM Sports, "I think we have a lot of senior players. We brought in a lot of younger girl’s that have a lot of potential to bring to the team. We’re really excited about what we’re about to do in Indonesia."

Paige Surber, Team Guam, "With the veterans it’s just to help these young girl’s get comfortable with playing at this level. To also expand their knowledge of the rugby game and get a little bit more national experience with other countries. Walking them up that this is the real level. This is where all the hard work, blood sweat and tears is all going to be put and pay off."

Head coach Paul Claros, "We started with a group of about 24 girl’s and right now we are at 12 plus 1. So we had a little bit of a drop off but at this point the girl’s that have stayed with it have drastically been improving. We have been training ever since the middle of the high school season. So we have been training quite a bit so we should be pretty fit by the time we get there."

Olivia said, "We actually were supposed to go last year to Thailand so we were all already trying to do our preseason. We kind of extended that out to where we are now. Majority of the team is actually moms. It really gives no other member of the team an excuse not to show up and not to put in the work. We are all here and we have all of our responsibilities. We have school, work and all of that. To actually put in the time and work and to show up is number one."

Coach Claros said, "Especially at this level. No one is paid so for them to show up in the mornings and do their workouts. Come in the afternoons and train, especially when they have family at home. I think the idea is that they train to represent their livelihoods and the people of Guam. I think that they really took that to heart and they bought into the system and it’s going to show when we play. Couple years ago e finished second in this tournament. We have very high hopes for ourselves."