The genomic sequencing machine that detects the presence of the SARS-COV-2 and its variants, could be operational soon, according to Public Health’s interim chief medical officer, Dr. Bob Leon Guerrero. 

"Hopefully, we’ll get our genome sequencing machine up within a week or two so that we don't have to depend on getting information from Hawaii or CDC. So we’re working hard in trying to establish a genome sequencing here," he told KUAM News. He said the only thing that needs to be done is put out a bid to build an airtight wall around the space that’s housing it.

"We’re trying to work with DPW and try to get a contractor to put up the wall that’s airtight. That’s the big issue," he added. "We have the space, we have the machine, we have the supply, we just don’t have the wall."

The genome sequencing machine will be contained inside Public Health’s lab in Tamuning. Public Health had the machine for quite some time, but needed to train on how to properly use it.