NAME: MiChelle Hope Taitano

PARTY: Republican

RACE: Senatorial


Former Chairwoman of the Guam Parole Board, voluntarily served for 11-years. Government of Guam positions: Special Assistant to the President, Guam Housing Corporation, Chief Protocol Officer, Office of the Governor, Special Projects Coordinator/ Acting Administrator Fair Employment Practice Agency, Guam Department of Labor.

Owned and managed 12-small loans and check cashing stores in 8-states. Held sales/marketing and business management positions. Neighborhood watch block captain and a Lion with Lions Club International.

CONTACT INFO:  [email protected], 671.482.3221


Education is key to strengthening our families, economy, and public safety. Beginning at the elementary level, we need to supplement the core curriculum of our schools to include engaging parents and children as a family unit and teaching both life and work skills needed in the rapidly changing workforce. Skills such as parenting, family literacy, trades, information technology, hospitality, culinary and the arts to name a few.

We should not only create policy, but we should procure grants to support the supplemental programs beyond the schools and extend them through the, mayor’s offices, and community centers, with public, private, and faith-based partnerships.

When we have the resources to support our families, we equip them with life and work skills so they can be more employable, self-sustaining and graduate from high school. They will have a broader foundation to either continue their education, enter the workforce or develop their skills through entrepreneurship programs which will enable them to become vital and contributing members of Guam’s economy.

When we focus on educating the children with family at the core, we strengthen our families as a whole and our people become more productive, self-sustainable, and more positive contributing members of our community; making Guam a safer place to live and giving our island more of a future and a Hope!