NAME: Jesse Anderson Lujan

PARTY: Republican

RACE: Senatorial



Fighting Inflation

Combating inflation and working with the CCU and other members of the legislature to ensure there are no more power or water rate increases. The average monthly power and water bill are already staggering and any attempt to increase the rates should be stopped.  The Government of Guam has the financial resources and tools available and should act and immediately work with the CCU to find workable solutions. I will fight to immediately roll back the BPT/GRT tax. I also will ask for the assistance of the Guam Chamber of Commerce to review other existing taxes and government fees that can be suspended or eliminated.

Rebuilding Our Tourism Industry & Creating jobs.

The Government of Guam should immediately initiate phase 2 of the Local Employers Assistance Program. Over a thousand local businesses applied and received assistance from round one of LEAP. Many of these businesses will not survive without continued assistance.  I think the government of Guam should create a temporary jobs program. A program that pays people to beautify our island and to be Neighborhood Watch representatives would be extremely beneficial. We could help clean and maintain our parks and beaches and help make our neighborhoods safer while at the same time providing a temporary job and paycheck to people who need it. The program should only be temporary and provide a bridge for people who can’t find employment in the private sector yet.

Fighting Crime – Our sense of security in our community has changed dramatically, following an alarming rise in neighborhood crime. The drug and crime problem on island is out of control. Many people don’t feel safe in their homes and we just can’t act as if this deteriorating situation is normal or acceptable. I will support and fund our first responders: police, firefighters and ocean safety officers, so they can do their jobs to protect us all. GPD must be given more resources and putting more police patrols in our neighborhoods must be a priority.

Jones Act Waiver

I will ask the Governor in conjunction with the legislature to ask the Biden Administration for a 24-month waiver of the Jones Act. The Jones Act mandates that only US-built and flagged ships carry cargo from one US port to another. The law was designed to protect the US shipping industry and for national security reasons; a 24-month waiver for Guam will not negatively affect either issue. It will however very likely provide shipping rate relief and more options to reduce shipping costs and our island at a time when our island needs all the help it can to fight inflation.